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Seascape Analytics Ltd

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Providing ecological information to support ocean stewardship. Global leaders in the science of seascape ecology. Seascape Analytics is a specialist ecological information provider supporting coastal and marine spatial management and biodiversity conservation. We have contributed scientific consultancy to the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and have collaborated with many universities and NGOs worldwide including The Nature Conservancy and WWF. Our work has informed marine spatial plans for the coastal waters of Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and Hawai’i and has helped evaluate condition and trends for marine protected areas in the Caribbean, Gulf of Maine and the Great Lakes. As a long-term science-provider to the US Government we recognise the importance of a strong and coherent evidence base to support marine planning and sustainable development. Seascape Analytics has internationally recognised skills in GIS, spatial analyses and ecological interpretation for marine management and policy. We have expertise in marine policy, marine biodiversity conservation, global sustainable development and integrated coastal management. We have developed data synthesis frameworks and decision support tools to help marine managers access and apply existing ecological datasets. We have developed a novel seascape ecology approach that links ecosystem structure to function and have advocated the application of holistic systems science to the practice of marine management. Seascape Analytics Ltd has specialist knowledge and experience of understanding biodiversity distributions and linking these patterns to threats and stressors to determine species, habitat and ecosystem vulnerability. We have specialist knowledge of ecological coherence in MPA network design and the situations where ecological connectivity is critical to population persistence and resilience. Our work has contributed to monitoring and evaluating the long-term status and trends in biological communities inside and outside marine protected areas, predicting the geographical distribution of marine diversity in data poor areas and to critically assess the design of existing MPAs to help optimise performance. Our Director and Chief Scientist, Dr Simon James Pittman, is qualified with a PhD in Geographical Sciences and a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences. Dr Pittman has 25 years of work experience as an applied marine ecologist and professional researcher providing scientific information to support decision making in marine governance. He has led projects to provide marine and coastal ecological information for monitoring and assessment of biodiversity to report on the performance of marine protected areas, mapping cumulative impacts, vulnerability and resilience for prioritising areas for management actions. Dr Pittman is internationally recognised for his foundational work in the discipline of seascape ecology with a strong focus on ecological connectivity and has published extensively on the subject. He is a science advisor to the IUCN Connectivity Conservation Working Group and serves on the Science Council of Blue Parks (formerly the Global Ocean Refuge System) providing scientific advice on marine protected area design and network design.

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