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23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong CHN

MakerBay was established in 2014 by Cesar Jung-Harada, a Japanese-French educator, environmentalist and entrepreneur. He is interested in experimenting with Nature, Humans and Technology. Whether it is through Art, Design, Engineering, and Science, it is usually about exploring ways to maximise a positive social and environmental impact. Cesar is passionate about the Oceans, Education and Invention for Sustainable Development. MakerBay became a non-profit organization in 2017 and has a core team of 10 people from different backgrounds and nationalities, supported by a large community of scientists, artists, researchers and experts from Academia. Our mission is to nurture and support Hong Kong youth to develop maker skills and mindsets, to address social and environmental challenges with education, entrepreneurship, research and innovation. MakerBay has a setup of 8 makerspaces across Hong Kong. Apart from the Headquarters in Tsuen Wan and a smaller office in Central, we also have a setup of 6 makerspaces in youth centres (next to public housing) to better support the local underserved communities. Currently we are building our first international branch in Cambodia in collaboration with the Government. Over the last 2 years we have delivered more than 300+ social and environmental impact programs not only in Hong Kong but globally, supporting more than 3000+ youth and social workers. We focus on Ocean education and R&D.

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